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Your Guide To Lithium Garage Door Lubricant

Garage door lubrication is one of the most essential parts of any garage door maintenance checklist. Aside from knowing how to apply it, being able to find the best lubricant for your garage door is also key to a well-lubricated garage door. Many brands and varieties of garage door lubricant are available, but one of the most popular options among homeowners is lithium garage door lubricant. If this is your first time hearing about lithium garage door lubricant, continue reading to learn more about it.

What Is Lithium Garage Door Lubricant?

Your very first question is most likely, “What is lithium garage door lubricant?” This type of garage door lubrication is a popular alternative to silicone and oil-based lubricants. White lithium is the specific variation that’s widely available for garage doors. This substance also consists of a mixture of soap and vegetable or mineral oil. It will typically be available in grease form. In other words, lithium requires care to apply in order to prevent any messiness. However, the best way to examine the qualities of lithium garage door lubricant is to look at its benefits and drawbacks.

applying lithium garage door lubricant

Pros Of Lithium Garage Door Lubricant

The first step in breaking down the qualities of lithium lubrication for garage doors is to examine its benefits or pros. These three benefits are considered the primary selling points for this type of garage door lubrication.

Strong Weather Resistance

Do you wish that your garage door lubricant would stay in place despite sudden changes in weather like heat or wind? If this problem sounds familiar to you, you’ll appreciate the weather-resistant properties of lithium grease. However, the waterproofness of this lubricant varies depending on the brand. Lithium isn’t considered water-resistant in some cases, while other brands boast that their lithium grease formula is also waterproof. Wet weather conditions aside, you can rely on lithium-based garage door lubricant to resist most weather conditions.

Eliminates Friction Between Metal

The primary benefit of this type of garage door lubricant is its ability to reduce or eliminate friction. When applied to metal components, lithium gets rid of any friction that would otherwise occur between metal materials making contact. Lithium is great for reducing friction because it doesn’t soak but stays where it was applied.

Noise Reduction

Do you wish you could reduce the sound of your garage door opening and closing without having to spend money on a replacement? In that case, lithium garage door lubricant is what you need. Noise reduction just so happens to be an additional perk of lithium’s ability to eliminate friction.

Cons Of Lithium Garage Door Lubricant

It would be irresponsible to neglect two of the main drawbacks of this variety of garage door lubrication. In order to avoid being surprised, here are the two major cons of lithium garage door lubricant.

Accumulates Debris

Lithium doesn’t just stick to wherever it’s applied. It also keeps debris that gets on it stuck to it. Depending on the state of certain garage door parts, you might find yourself dealing with a bigger mess than before due to the amount of dust and debris caught in the lithium.

Constant Reapplication

On the subject of debris accumulation, the amount that’s amassed might entail more maintenance. Basically, you’ll need to clean off the debris and dust, reapply the lithium lubrication, and repeat this process as often as grime gets caught. If you aren’t careful about how much of this lubricant you use, you might be performing garage door maintenance far more often than you intended.

Hire The Best Garage Door Technicians In Houston!

You’ll hopefully feel more confident about caring for your garage door after this crash course on lithium garage door lubricant. If you ever find yourself needing assistance in maintaining your garage door, you just need to hire the best garage door technicians at Garage Door Repair Houston. Contact us today for stellar garage door maintenance and tune-up services.

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