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How To Clean Chalky Garage Door

Is your garage door starting to show its age? Does it not look as fresh and new as it once did? Does your garage door seem to have marks on it that resemble chalk? If you said yes to all three of these questions, then it means your garage door needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. In this blog, you will learn how to clean chalky garage door. 

What Makes A Garage Door Chalky?

Before learning how to clean chalky garage door, you probably want to know what makes a garage door chalky in the first place. If your garage door appears to be chalky, it’s a sign that the paint is oxidizing because of exposure to the elements and lack of routine cleaning. Now that you know what makes a garage door chalky, you’ll be able to understand how to clean chalky garage door.

How To Clean Chalky Garage Door

To keep your garage door from getting chalky, you’ll need to clean it periodically. If your garage door is already chalky, check out the steps required to clean it:

1. Gather The Correct Supplies

The first step in how to clean chalky garage door is to ensure you have the correct supplies to get the job done. The supplies you’ll need to clean a chalky garage door include a bucket, soap, water, a rag or scrub brush, a spray bottle, and a hose. Don’t forget to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and wet when cleaning your garage door.

2. Prepare The Cleaning Solution

You’ll need to combine dish soap and water for the cleaning solution. This requires mixing a half cup of liquid dish soap with five gallons of warm water. To avoid bubbles, it’s recommended that the solution is slowly stirred. 
If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of soap and water, then certain types of bleach can help as long as it isn’t diluted by water. If you are going to use bleach, make sure it’s compatible with the material of your garage door and won’t damage it. Whatever cleaning solution you use, ensure you have the right amount to clean the chalky appearance of your garage door.

3. Spray Garage Door

After letting the solution sit, you can pour some into an empty spray bottle and use it on the garage door. Test it on a small stain area first to see if it’s effective. If so, then you can continue with this step.

4. Wash From Top To Bottom

Next, proceed to wash the chalky spots of your garage door, working from the top to the bottom. After spraying, use a rag or brush to remove the chalkiness, and make sure whatever solution you’re using doesn’t dry before you get to that spot. Be sure to wear gloves during this step.

5. Rinse With Water

After washing each chalky spot with your chosen cleaning solution, rinse your garage door with water. This step is where your hose will do its part. Ensure that the rinsing is as thorough as possible.

how to clean chalky garage door

6. Dry Thoroughly

Your final step in how to clean chalky garage door is to dry your garage door thoroughly. You will let it air dry for a while, then remove any remaining moisture as it dries to prevent water damage. Hopefully, you will find that your garage door is no longer chalky by the end of this process.

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Now that you know how to clean chalky garage door, you are well on your way to becoming a DIY garage door maintenance pro. However, there are still some garage door issues that are best left to the professionals. If you are experiencing a problem with your garage door best suited for a professional, contact us today at Garage Door Repair Houston!

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